I am in a lot of pain

I haven’t’ had a decent exercise in three years on Saturday I went along to a new launch for Les Mills group fitness with Nette. Gjin was leading the class with two other instructors and it was a mean as work out. After Gjin set with the lunges (which felt so good btw)I put down the weight and then felt really dizzy and nauseous. I had to go outside for a while to the toilet to just clear my head.

After BodyPump with Gjin we waited for the next class called Sh’Bam which I have never taken and it was a lot of fun. Granted I was like a wooden stick through most the moves but I definitely enjoyed it more.


The beautiful and incredibly fit Gjin, after instructing this class she did the next one which was BodyCombat!!! p/s She has an 14 month old babty too.

Yesterday, my muscles were sore. Now, I am definitely in a lot of pain. This is comparable to the one boxing session I had with Ronald which made going up and down my stairs excruciating (he has classes every Monday and Wednesday and if you are keen message me and I will pass on his details). The only difference is that with Ronald the soreness was in my thighs and ass, this time its my whole body especially my upper body. Nette, I can’t believe you said you only have a slight soreness! Now my plans to go boxing today are put back on the back burner, lol unless I woman up and just go…but oooohhhh the paiinnnnnn, the painnnnnnn :p

At the end Sh’Bam we took a group photo and I took this opportunity to push up all my lunok (fats) up so that I have a visual of what  I look now and how I will look like in the coming months. Lets see if there will be a difference to my baby mummy body.



Dripping in sweat. 3 years worth.

Photos were taken from Gjin and my own

“Every journey begins with a single step but you will never finish if you never start” – hahaha on this quote, I don’t know how many first steps I have done and yet to complete but let’s see how this year will go eh?

Till Then




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