Ari swallowed a coin

So baby girl swallowed a coin last week and after constantly going through her poo for the last week or so we finally found it!

We had just got back from checking out Dumpling Box again and a play at the McD’s playground when she had done her ‘business’. I was kind of sick and tired of going through her poo again but it looked like a big one so I thought “Why not?”  and yup it was there nestled in all the grossness. My only surprise is that it went all black. I was thinking it was going to come out all shiny


It’s a 20 cent coin. Phew, we originally thought it was a 50 cent coin.


I am going to remind you how I had to go through your poo babe!

Till then



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4 responses to “Ari swallowed a coin

  1. papams

    astagaaaa.. how did she manage to swallow that coin???

    • Sia mau kasi space di katil and she was behind me so when I moved I bumped into her and she tertelan the coin ah. Big its pun bulih bah! I didn’t know she had a coin too. So lambat sia pick up.

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