Succulent madness

I have not been blogging or studying for the last 4 days as I have just been bitten by the succulent bug.

I went plant shopping on Wednesday and Thursday and was digging and planting on both days. Shoveling dirt, moving stones, carefully transplanting the plants. My only regret is not getting a bag of potting mix as I didn’t know my soil was clayish at the bottom 😕

Here are some photos from yesterday. Photos of the actual garden will be uploaded another day as I went straight from gardening to the bed yesterday.


Spot the boy and his doll. Taken while waiting for our lunch on Wednesday


Look at how happy I was!

Good thing I brought a hat with me yesterday. It was overcast in the morning but got pretty sunny by the time I reached the nursery. Oh my goodness! I totally looooovvveeee this nursery. The owners name is Jody and she had some new stock that was so beautiful I really love the quirky stuff and some of the plants were really unusual and a lot of colour (two of my favourite things!). They are out West and are totally worth the drive. If you are interested check out Wairere Nursery. When I arrived she passed me this awesome little booklet of the core range that she stocks. Along with succulents she has bromeliads and aloe and a few more plants which I didn’t take notice of.

Jody is so knowledgeable and we drove around her nursery in her van which made me feel totally legit as a beginner farmer enthuasist. It also reminded me of my families old pajero back home in Malaysia.

Here is some of her stock (I really should have taken more photos).


Look at that all shoooooo pwettty!


Aerial view of what has been done so far

I’m hoping to create a little enchanted forest of succulents here. Definitely will try propagating what I have and make thousands of little baby succys (MUAHAHAHAHA).

Next post will have more detail on what I got and I manage to get Jody to give me two of her plants which weren’t for sale. Yeahyur!

Till then


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