We be dancing all morning

Children, oh my dear children, thank you for reminding this tired mama to not be so serious all the time. To take the time to just be, chill, relax and dance. Not just bop my head side to side but to get up and dance. Jiggle my shoulders, wiggle my hips, just get up and do ‘muh thang’ . Thank you for reminding  me to dance like no one is watching (but really no one is watching because they are busy minding their babies).  I promise next week I will pass baby to grandma and dance with you but I will leave the break dancing to you baby boy.

Cute video of Gaby trying to break dance


Guess who can't wait for the show to start?




I think he missed the memo that the kids are suppose to be under the blanket and not help the adults

This morning we attended Toddlerock and the kids had a lot of fun. After the song and dance which ran for half an hour, everyone was ushered out the hall into a small room and each person had a warm drink and access to bakery while the kids had water and biscuits.

Toys were strewn all over the place with parents casually lounged on the floor chatting while the kids mingled and played.

If you are interested to check it out deets below;

It’s held every Tuesday at 10am till 12pm and there is a required donation of $5. Link: Toddlerock Auckland

Till then



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5 responses to “We be dancing all morning

  1. Gaby’s joy is so infectious..i cant help to smile while watching it

    • Yeah, he is good with that sort of thing. I need to find more things to occupy him so he doesn’t have terrorize us all

      • like the word you use “terrorise”. 😀
        I am glad that my three kids are out of the 2-3 years categories.

      • Ha ha ha Ally you should share how you coped with it

      • Well, i cope with the motto “one thing at a time”….now, they don’t terrorise with actions but with their words. Kids nowadays are different from the time we were. It feels like a generation gap to me, and i am learning from them everyday. It also keeps me in check with my communication with young people too since I have to do, daily. 😀

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