Raising a boy


Just wanted to document it here that having a son, who is almost turning three, is tough. I don’t know how mums with boys do it. A lot of parents who I talk to are telling me that it is tough right now but later on the boys will be easy peasy where as the girls in their teenage years are often more difficult to handle.

Umm, so how does that help me?


Gaby boy is so affectionate and loving but he loves to scream his head off every time I say “No”. He starts crying when I put my foot down and I know it’s important that I don’t back down but man, sometimes I wonder if being right is worth all this.

He never listens and starts crying at the tiniest provocation. Where did my easy going son go? Just a mere few months ago he had this beautiful patient nature, gentle and kind. Where has his affable nature gone?

I know that right now he is having a hard time handling his emotions. He is overwhelmed by it. I read all these books on parenting and I get it. But when does it stop being “work with him to handle his emotions” and starts to look like I’m actually nurturing brat like attitudes? I want to make sure I am not raising a spoiled brat who grows up to be an adult who think the world owes him something. *shudders

Days are very long at the moment and I am wondering when this will end. One of the books that is helping me bring light to the mysterious world of boys is written by Celia Lashlie He’ll be ok: Growing gorgeous boys into good men
It is a bit early for me to try out some stuff from the book but at almost three baby boy is displaying tendencies that are quite similar to those in the book. I know these moments will pass and to focus on the good. But dear Lord, give me strength!

Till then



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5 responses to “Raising a boy

  1. i feel you sister! this is my and my threenager son too! My son is very affectionate and cuddly… but just the temper is insane! we got this! hahaha

  2. Ha! Just wait till the testosterone levels skyrocket by 800% in the early teens and the frontal lobe executive function has yet to kick in = temper control, lack thereof. Some research suggests that doesn’t happen till around age 30. I was horrified to learn that! So 27 years to go for you! I only have 7 🙂 Enjoy the toddlerhood while you can. You’re still ‘in charge’ !
    Seriously though, I don’t know that boys are harder. Girls turn into unrecognisable, monstrous bitches I have been told by several of my friends who have some ! Sweet one day – a monster the next is what my sister-in-law told me. She thought she had the wrong child in the house. Don’t mean to disillusion you though. There’s good bits too 🙂
    And thank you ever so much for the follow. Really appreciate and look forward to reading how you are surviving.

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