Twins at the Auckland Easter Show

On Thursday, the twins and I along with Jojo and Belle went to check out the Easter show.

The kids loved it! We went to the farm animal area and just walked around petting the piglets, cows, alpacas, sheep, donkey and ‘ooh’  and ‘ahh’  at the ducklings and baby chickens.

I was starving so dragged everybody to go look for food. While I stuffed my face had a nice chat with Jojo (whom I met on a mummy watsapp group chat) while the kids rolled around the floor and did their thang (I tried not to think about how filthy the floor was *shudder).

We left after 2+ hours.  Kids were wired from the free chocolate handed out at the entrance but k.o-ed on the drive home (yus!).


So excited!



Funny story, me and the kids were hesitant to approach this cow. Cause you know, it was GIGANTIC AND COULD KICK OUR HEADS IN. Anyhoo, it was munching happily but the piglets were sitting on some parts of the hay. The cow got impatient and headbutt ed the piglet away. I found it hilarious and so did the kids and we were laughing so hard that the cow had to give us a look. Of course, we stopped right away.


The farmer gets a kiss!


Gaby was sooooo happy to find this rabbit. To be honest I found it super creepy and Donnie Fargo like. Took the photo and grabbed Gaby pretty fast.

Till then


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