A is for Arianna


As part of a daily blog post for the month of April activity (which name escapes me at the moment) I thought it was apt to start it with Ari who has shown me so many things in this last 2 and a half years.

I just wanted to celebrate her being in this world. Her kindness, independence, how no one else is allowed to make her brother cry but her, her ability to be helpful and obstinate at the same time, her love for chocolate and ice cream that mimics mine, the scar on her left thumb in the exact same spot as her daddy and the ability to be fearless to try new things.

A is for Arianna.

Thank you baby, you have helped me grow internally and made me question myself many times which has led me to understand myself more. Here is to many more years of making each other crazy with love and anger and hopefully with a lot of humor to get us by.

Mummy loves you.



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