C is for Cynthia

A good friend came over to visit the twins and Miki. She managed to squeeze us into her busy schedule to stay over a couple of nights. It was so good having her over! The moment she walked through the door, hugs and kisses were shared with the twins (who remember her from her last visit 2 years ago). However, it was not a very successful meeting with baby Miki who took a long hard look at her and started bawling her eyes out.


It was hilarious and Cyn did get a little hurt (better luck next time). A beautiful friend inside out with legs up to her neck ( I am always looking at her with envy, those legs…damn). Anyhoo, me and Cynthia met through a mutual friend Genie (who really hates being called Genie but well life doesn’t always give you roses daaahhhliiinggg) and even from the beginning she was such a gentle and kind soul. It wasn’t hard to connect with her and years passed by and she decided to leave Auckland for Kuala Lumpur.

She kept in touch with us. I say ‘she’ and not ‘we’ because I am horrible at keeping in touch, I definitely love my face to face interactions, if, you can get me out of bed. Oh, those were pre-baby times, where I would lounge in bed after uni and just read romance novels all day long while sipping some sinfully sweet, thigh thickening, booty making concoction (usually chocolate). So, we met when were in our very early twenties and almost 8 years later here we are in our thirties with babies (on my part), hating the dating scene and the work that is required (on her part) and still love gossiping over the dinner table while trying hard to stay awake (guess who the aunty is???).


While I stay at home with the babies, she is travelling the world and indulging the foodie within her. I love looking at the photos, living through her, enjoying the scenery without having to leave the comfort of my living room and attempt to lug the whole fam bam to fly internationally ( shudder* it really is a scary thought).

We have gone through so much and yet here we are still friends, I find it amazing, I for one can’t even keep a turtle alive much less a lively and engaging relationship (Bron is different, he persevered and now I am obligated to reciprocate :P). Thank you for being you and you know, for picking me, much love.




Till Then






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