E is For Empathy

As a parent, I feel that there is this huge and heavy responsibility to not fuck it up. These little people will grow up to be adults and go on to conquer their world one day. I feel it every day, the pressure to do it right. There are just so many things that is expected of us parents. The need to balance EVERYTHING. As a mom I have to not be a ‘helicopter’ mum who hovers around the kids. I need to give them some space to be independent but not be too independent. Oh no, heaven forbid that you let that child roam free, talk back and express themselves. I need to discipline them when they are unruly but not break their strong will and spirit which will be valuable when they are adults. I have to make sure they only eat clean, organic food without too much preservatives. Bad mom alert if you feed them fast food, sweets, ice cream and anything else ‘nasty’. As a mom I shouldn’t let my kids play with dirt, what if they contracted a flesh eating bacteria from the soil, there goes our mud pie parties. As a parent not only do I have to raise perfect children I need to make sure the house is clean too. The dust is a symbol of my inability to multi task. What kind of person am I to let the laundry pile high and the floors un-vacuumed and un-moped…basically unloved. There are countless more, I am sure, but I have not the heart to write it down.

As I sit here writing this post, while the tv is on with Al Jazeera showing clips of people killing each other around the world, my Facebook page is up with people sharing photos of animals getting tortured, women being beaten, children are homeless on the streets sleeping on cardboard who more likely will be traded in the vile industry of human trafficking. As I sit here being bombarded by all this horridness, I realise one thing.

If I fail in everything else in my life the one thing I want to do is teach my children to have empathy. To know when to put themselves in another person’s shoes, to be kind to animals, to not be afraid to help and to try to be understanding instead of being judgemental. The ability feel for others is a powerful ability.


I think in this world of TOO MUCH, I just need to teach my children empathy and they can make the world a better place in their own way. I truly believe all this world needs is kindness.


Till Then



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