G is for Garden

After browsing through some photos on Instagram. I found some accounts that I really liked who focused on succulents. The photos were so pretty and they made it look so easy. I was tempted enough to try so I hitched myself off to a couple of nurseries and got me some succulents to try.

2 weeks later I tried propagating. MOH saw how much I loved pottering around outside he decided to get me a cute green house to potter in and store my stash of succulent leaves which are in the midst of propagating.


Building the greenhouse with his supervisors



Ari project managing the build

Here are a few post on my first succulent haul and the mayhem that ensued :

Succulent madness

Succulent destroyed by my dogs

The wind blew my succulents away!

I love it. I have tried gardening a few times but this is the first time I actually enjoy it. I have bought two bags of tulip bulbs to be planted now for a show in Spring. So, I am slowly venturing out of succulents and moving on to flowers and then hopefully do a small urban vegetables patch with a bee hive in the backyard.


Here is a new project we are currently on. Can't wait for it to finish so I can show you!

I am also planning a small aquaponics standing pond. Do you have any tips to share? If you do please leave a comment and share it😄

Till then



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