I is for Idols

My love affair with Korean Pop music came with the explosion of Wonder Girls and their song ‘Nobody’. I was late jumping onto the ‘Wonder Girls’ phenomenon at the time (I only knew about them from this uncle who had their song set as his ring tone)

**From here on out there will be a lot of fan-girling or fan-womaning (since I am no longer a fresh faced girl- LOL)


I went online to find out more about the group and there was heaps of information. My favorite member at the time was Yubin (this was after Hyuna left the group citing illness as a reason). While the group went to the USA to promote themselves, I delved into the other groups and definitely felt more interest in the girl groups. I was never a Girls Generation fan so it was a bit bleh in the Kpop scene until 2NE1 came out! Squeeaaalllll!


I had so much fun with their debut, it is a pity that Minzy has left the group! She was my bias, I thought she was amazing being a wonderful dancer and had a very deep beautiful singing voice. I am disappointed that she left but also think that YG should have promoted her more along with CL (who was my bias initially for her fierceness but nope Minzy for me now). 2ne1 will still go on now as a trio, but I am not sure how that will pan out.

Here is a link to the news of her leaving: Minzy Officially Leaves 2NE1

And the drama that ensued after that: Minzy’s Father Threatens To Hold A Press Conference To Reveal ‘Real’ Situation



All the best to you Minzy, I hope you get the glory you seek.

So, the whole point of this post was to introduce to you the ever wonderful group Mamamoo. I was in awe from the first music video I ever saw of them with their song ‘Don’t be Happy ‘ and then ‘Peppermint Chocolate’ two years ago. They achieved Rookie of the Year in the same year and finally after all their hard work they won an award last month for Song of the year on Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards with ‘Your the Best’. I am totally shipping their new music video ‘Woo hoo’ right now. It’s right up my alley of a mix of R&B and Kpop.

I so heart this group, they are amazing, just go to Youtube and search for them. I especially love their performance of ‘Delilah’,  ‘The way to Sampo’ and ‘Passion Flower’ on the show Immortal Song 2. I just love this group because all four members are very talented, they have sass, big voices, beautiful personalities which they work very hard to showcase on the variety shows that they attend and have invested a lot of time into their fan base. I am so happy that they won! Solar is the leader, she is the one with the longest hair and has a truly multi dimensional personality, the same goes for Whee In (but I have to say Whee In is hilarious and seems to have the energy of three people!). Hwa Sa is another amazing singer, she has the shortest hair and I am sure has a fan club dedicated to her thighs (yes, they are that amazing). Lastly, Moonbyul (in blue stripes) the resident rapper and cool personality of the group. She just tops off the already amazing dynamics of the group and creates the calm before the storm.


I don’t have a particular favorite member for this group as I love all of them! Have you seen their fan signage? It is a freaking daikon (white radish) and it is so cute! I always have a little laugh when I see it in the crowds and the fans are waving them around ‘like they just don’t care’ that they are waving a radish in a concert. TOO CUTE!

So it started from an actual radish with a paper mustache


To this!


Truly, if you have the right team behind you, work hard and stay humble (well at least practice humility in public, cause you can gloat however much you want in public!)  then most things can be achieved.

I ship you Mamamoo!!!

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***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

My other posts for the challenge;

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My theme for this challenge was to get more personal on my blog, introduce to you the people in my life, the places we hang out as a family and the things that I find interesting and/or important.


Till Then


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