K is for Kelly Tarlton’s

My kids love Kelly Tarlton’s and even more so now that they have upgraded their facilities. They now have a beautiful interactive area for the little ones and the cafe has had a makeover.

However, I must object about the placement of the souvenir shop which is at the exit😤. We had a ‘situation’ with the twins on our most recent excursion there. With all the goodies on display, all I can say is that there was a lot of  “NO’s”, screaming, crying and general mayhem.  Luckily, at the time we had a few family friends there with their kids and one dad had to pick up Ari while MOH dealt with Gaby and I with baby M.

As you can imagine, it was a painful moment for us all. But life is not all roses with children and it shouldn’t be. All these experiences make us better parents (well , I certainly hope so, actually I BEG that it is so) and help the child understand boundaries and discipline <– HA. HA. HA.😂

Anyhoo, the kids LOVED the visit so much that each time we drive by the place they would chime in with “BIG FISH!”, “GUIN!” (I am guessing they are shouting out the word Penguin), “WATER”, “AGAIN! MUMMY AGAIN!”.  Yes, they are constantly shouting, at this stage of their life there is no volume control. I also sometimes have no control over my urge to smash my head against the steering wheel when they have their screaming sessions.


With that positive note here are the photos from our last excursion at Kelly Tarltons and from their Facebook Page;




The photos below are from Kelly Tarlton’s Facebook page.




Below are some photos from when we went with my family when the twins were only 40 days old.




We are thinking of heading off there again in Winter to check out the “Explore the Jurassic Seas” . The kids loved the penguin area but I absolutely loved the tank with the sting rays, I could sit in that spot for hours (well, I can imagine sitting there for hours if I didn’t have kids).

Here is a link for the ticket prices, we wanted to get the annual pass at the gift shop but the with the twins meltdown we had to get out of there pretty quickly. It did not help that there was only one attendant there that, put mildly has long passed her ‘spring of youth moments’ and was not in a happy mood having to deal with an influx of customers all by her lonesome self. So yeah, nah.


Till Then



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