L is for Li Yang

From the time I met her 12 years ago till now, she has been a constant, often gentle presence in my life. A kind soul who delves frequently in the poem of life. She often reads a variety of genres, has very interesting perspectives and is loyal to a fault.


I remember vividly one time I sent her a text that I would not be able to spend time with her and to get back to me in 3 months’ time (I was busy conquering the world and had a lot on my plate at that time and a little twat). She was as you can imagine, upset and sent me a very long email detailing why I should prioritize and divide my task into smaller portions so that it is manageable and thus give me more free time to do more important stuff like chilling with friends!


Yup, Li Yang is not afraid to speak her mind and I was quite annoyed at her at the time. I felt that she was not being supportive or understanding which is absolutely very far from the truth. She has been there for me for as long as I remember.  I found a post I did which sort of encapsulated my first time meeting with her and my impression of her at the time.

Her Name Was Ivy Or So She Said


I also found a letter from many years ago that she sent to me when I lost my first dog in New Zealand (blog post of that is her; Her Name Was Clare). I was inconsolable and her gesture didn’t make me feel any better but it did bring home that ‘homie got my back’.



Hi Audrey,

I called you and Bronson, he said you cried too much and went to sleep now. Magnus told me about Clare when he saw your tweets , we were skpying each other. I thought to write a few words on my friend Claire.

She is one special dog, she kind of witnessed part of you and I growing up. I will never forget that beautiful autumn day Magnus and I visited your house first time, that’s also the day I met Clare.

She was this fluff of cloud running towards anyone, without a guard , always so pleasant. She treated the whole wide world like her own playground. When I hugged her, my heart melt in softness and happiness. I totally understand why people would keep dogs, the amount of joy they brought to our lives are just hard to put into words.

Then before you got married, before I made the move to Wellington, Clare became a mother. I was not there when she gave birth, but when I saw her and her cute puppies, something changed. I don’t know if I told you, those puppies she had were so cute, but I can’t stop hugging Clare. I see something different in her eye, there is a bit of softness, also it’s a vast gentleness around her. She suddenly grew up, not as excitable as she was a babe. Most importantly, she does not seem to get over excited with strangers anymore. She seems to choose who she wants to be friendly with. She had the guard, because she is a mum and has her babies to protect. It may sound silly, but when I saw her I thought of us. Thought of in the future when we complete the change from silly young women to adulthood, becoming a mother and have our own precious little ones to protect. Would we have so much gentleness in our eyes?

I may sound crazy and over sentimental, but I really treasured every time I had with Clare. She brought me lots of joys, kindness and the bonding I had with you and Bronson when you just had your home set up.

After I moved back from Wellington, I didn’t visit you guys as often as I use to. Clare is always on my mind. She is the first dog I knew from a babe to a mother, when I visited you last time I spent a good 30mins in the garage hugging her and Murphy.

Murphy would always jump on me first, Clare will wait patiently till Murphy calms down then came over gave me a good hug. She would let me rub her, calling her name then looking at me with those gentle eyes, a vast of softness in her eyes. It’s like the complete trust in her eyes which always made me feel a bit guilty, coz I really didn’t spend much time with her.

As I wrote this down, I think of you, Bronson, Magnus , Clare, we ran down the beach, walk around the vineyard near your house, talk about life, being silly…I can still smell the grass, the leaves, feeling the autumn sun fell on my skin.


This came all so suddenly, Claire may had us in her four years of life, for me, the memories I have of her will last a life time…just like the friendship we have with each other… All the joy, the sadness in life. We share, we bear, we carry on.


Lots love to you and Bron



That line “All the joy, the sadness in life. We share, we bear, we carry on” just got me, right in the heart.



Till Then

***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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