M is for Mikaela

My youngest was born on the 19th of August 2015 in the most wonderful and exciting way possible.  Here is the link to a special event in my life; My Dramatic Home Birth and the photos to go with it (safe for work) .

That was 8 months ago and now my little darling is a healthy, wonderful and happy baby.  Secretly, just between you and me, I think she’s my favorite at the moment.


When I was in confinement after giving birth, I had a month and a half with her. It was just us in the bedroom day in and day out. I was able to spend time with her in a way that I couldn’t with the twins. When the twins were born the whole household was just on the go 24/7. I would feed both babies at the same time, but they would have different sleeping patterns. I would put one baby down and the other one would be waking up. I would change the diaper of one baby and then a few minutes later I would have to do it again but this time with one child wailing their lungs out for attention.  It was just go, go ,go everyday.

It was a fantastic experience but I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful mother in law who was just WONDERFUL with the kids. I can only tip my hat off to parents with multiples who have to do it on their own without much support. I believe it is one of the most hardest and most rewarding experiences one can have, raising multiple newborns. So, after having that experience with the twins, having Miki was a lovely change of pace for all of us.


With my second pregnancy I was less careful with what I ate and I think if I could turn back time I would change that. I would watch what I eat and adopt the diet I had when I was pregnant with the twins which was fresh food whenever possible, a lot of greens, a lot of water, no sweets and desserts. With the type of food that I was eating and constantly munching on chocolate I thought baby would come out all grizzly and grumpy from all the bad food I had been ingesting while pregnant. But nope, she came out fine and she is so lovely. She always has a smile for everybody. She likes to look deep into the eyes of the person who is carrying her, stare and stare and stare and then crack a big wide smile.


She is a big foodie, loves her food and has two of her bottom teeth out now.  Beware those who feed her, you’ll get into trouble if you are to slow with the spoon. She likes to let you know what she wants with all her little shrieks and tiny screams. It’s like she is saying “I’m here! Feed me now!”

She is constantly chasing after her older siblings and hates to be left out. I predict she will be walking around 10 months old as she is constantly on her feet and flinging herself joyfully from whatever edge she has been holding on to for support. It’s scary how intelligent she is at that age, truly, all babies are different. All of them are so loveable but different.



Mama loves you Miki, thank you for coming into our life and choosing us as your parents in this world.


I find this photo so hilarious, that’s gorgeous Luiz with Miki


Till Then

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