O is for Overwhelmed

Quite often (not so often now that I have moved to St Johns where people aren’t as friendly), me, MOH and my mother in law get stopped when we are at the mall, shopping for groceries, park, playground and the beach. Strangers like to ask if they are twins and often mistake them as twin girls (because of Gaby’s long hair) and are pleasantly surprised to know that they are actually a pair of boy and girl.

Most Asian parents, especially the mums, would look at me with tears shining in their eyes and proclaim how lucky I am. I can close shop and not need to worry about getting pregnant to try and get a boy/girl. I always agree wholeheartedly. I am not the type to get uncomfortable when people stop me to chat about my kids, to sing a song on how lucky I am. People, I know I am lucky and I am very grateful, so go on,  stop me for a chat and sing the same song cause I am going to dive right in there with you and do a little jig too.

This is not a rant about how I hate people stopping me to ask about my twins. I LOVE IT! It’s nice to make someone’s day, to hear their stories, to know if they have twins in their family, to hear some nice and not so nice parenting tips. This is much, much better, TEN THOUSAND FREAKING TIMES BETTER, then having people give me sideway glances for giving into the kids whining of say, wanting a Kinder surprise egg (for example). When I give in to one, they SHOUT and want TWO. An old lady rolls by and “Tsks”. Yeah,  you just ‘tsk’ and walk away lady, I am saving us all from a huge meltdown here, walk away and save me your judgements.


Anyhoo, I am going off track here.


Sometimes strangers stop us to take a photo

So people stop us often and after telling us how lucky we are their comments are always followed up by “How do you do it?”, “I would have stopped at the twins”, “How do you cope”, “You’re a supermom”…etc. I stop them when the praises start coming in, although it feels good, I always feel obligated to let them know the truth which is;


A lovely woman insisted on taking photos with EVERYBODY! She was lovely, her son and daughter in law were very patient 🙂

Yes, it’s hard. I don’t know how I do it. I have A LOT OF HELP. I am not afraid to ask. It’s not always easy and more often than not I often feel overwhelmed.  Yes, I am a supermom, LOL, cause honey, ALL MOMS are super, DADS are amazing, Grandpa’s and Grandma’s who sacrifice their free time to help are SUPER AMAZING and much needed especially now where the cost of childcare is so darn expensive.

Can never thank them enough.


But yeah, overwhelmed, all the time. I just want to be a cool mum but that ain’t happening anytime soon.


One of the first few outings out, I WAS SO HAPPY! I was like CIVILIZATION! PEOPLE MY SIZE! ADULTS! and then after getting milk, I had to go home.

Till Then.

***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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