5 Playgrounds to visit with Toddlers in Auckland – P is for Playground

For the twins, we are always keen to find toddler friendly playgrounds that we could just let them loose on. Gaby turns into a nasty troll if we keep him indoors too long and there is just something wonderful about being out in the open and watching children run, scream and play.

Here are 5 of our favourite playgrounds around Auckland at the moment.  I chose them based on how user friendly they are for toddlers i.e they can climb the ladders on their own and get down the slide without me having to haul them around the place.  If I can sit nearby and laugh at their antics as they play, that playground gets a big THUMBS UP from me.


Orakei Domain Playground

11 Tamaki Drive, Orakei

This park was perfect for my kids when they were about one and a half years old, they could run around freely without too much fuss.


Gladstone Park

106 – 108 Gladstone Road, Parnell


I personally love this park for the big slide, it’s so cool (you can tell that I have been on it many times with the kiddos :P). The swings and ladders (not pictured) are not too high and are easy enough for the twins to climb and slide down. Right beside this playground is also a mini playground with a steel car that we like to hop on and pretend that dinosaurs are chasing us.


Little Rangitoto Reserve
55-71 Upland Road, Remuera




Our home base playground, close to where we live and it has this wonderful flying fox. I wold get on it (of course) and carry a child with me and AWAY WE GOOOOOOOOO! It also has a skate park and a lovely path for cyclist and scooters.


Rocket Park
751 New North Road, St Lukes


Rocket park is so much fun and again picked for the accessibility of the slides and play area for toddlers with short legs. Also a big plus is the really delish kebab shop opposite the playground, we often do takeaways and have a picnic on the grass while the kids go wild. Also, how can one miss the popular French cafe with its desserts and coffee (I often see the stylish mums holding a cup while chatting with their equally stylish friends in the park while I stuff my face with mixed lamb and chicken rice kebab).


Grey Lynn Playground and Paddling Pool
Grosvenor Street, Grey Lynn

This place  is wonderful in summer, they are upgrading the playground this year (can’t wait) but even as it is, it’s still a great place to visit with the kids. Along side the playground is the paddling pool which is always a big hit with the kids.


A bonus playground! I really like this place but it is further out West, whenever we are in the area I always try to drop by and lets the kids have a play. Picked it for its easy ramps and slides.

Hart Domain Playground

1 Vitasovich Avenue, Henderson-Massey


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