5 Quiet Time Activities To Do With Toddlers – Q is for Quiet Time

So let’s get real for a moment here, every parent loves their children. But as much as they love to have active and healthy kids, sometimes we need a break and have some quiet time. Truly, nothing beats having a poop without having your child bang the door down, manage to open it (I thought I locked it???) and come up to you and ask “What are you doing mummy?”


Yes, quiet time is a necessity in every parents life. In my life, my Top 5 Quiet Time Activities to do with the kids are;



Ipad time




Eating Ice Cream together



Have a mini fashion show


Start em young


Then they will let you dress them up in all sorts of fun outfits…


…Or maybe not.



Art and Craft stuff like painting which we did recently Painting with Twins





When I am driving the kids can get really bored and when they get bored they start to whine, then they start to annoy each other, little hits and kicks here and there. Which then blows up into a massive fight and they end up crying and screaming which also makes me want to wail along with them sometimes.

So, packing a book or four in the car is really, really important for me. With twins I find having two of the exact same books minimize fighting and gives me some (much wanted and needed) quiet time in the car. I sometimes wonder how I can drive with all the noise and am pretty impressed with myself that we haven’t gotten into an accident yet (can I claim insurance by blaming it on my kids if I do?)

Well, hope you liked my list (LOL). Till next time for more ‘wholesome’ and ‘healthy’ activities to do with your young ones.


Till Then



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