S is for Second Child


In my haste to write about my garden I forgot to write about Gabriel. “Sorry baby! Mummy got too excited about her succulent garden and the babies (oh my gosh- THE BABIES!) that were coming out as a result of the propagation exercise”.


Gabriel, OH GABRIEL! (this is what the older women in my house would have proclaimed in their sing-song voice while gossiping in the living room in my mothers house). My only son, the keeper of my heart and the miniature version of his father in temperament, attitude and the ability to push my buttons and drive me crazy.


Let me count the ways of how much I love thee;

  1. I love how you ask for hugs while crying after I scold you and tell you ‘no’.
  2. I love how you look me in the eye before you say ‘no’ when I ask you not to do something.
  3. I love how you whine a lot when you don’t get your way and only stop when I give in because I fear for my sanity and my hearing.
  4. I love how you pretend not hear me until I have to grab you by the shoulders and scream GABYYYYYYYYY!
  5. I love how you refuse to pick up after yourself until I threaten to throw away the Ipad and you say ‘Yes’ pretty quickly and pick up after yourself.
  6. I love how you like only certain sweet things like ice cream and certain types of chocolate which reminds me that not all of you is your father, there is some of me in you as well.
  7. I love how you love fries and salt and chips and not wanting to share your food, in that respect you are your father’s son.
  8. I love it when you say sorry to your sister and as soon as I turn my back you head-butt her in the stomach and make her cry.
  9. I love it when you ask to have baby M on your lap, I put her on you and you hug her tight like a big brother should and then proceed to WWF her into the bed, making her cry and then giggle.
  10. I love that you love me so much right now that you wake up A LOT in the night looking for me and only fall asleep after squeezing yourself between me and your sisters, put your palm on my face, constrict my breathing and fall back to sleep.


Mama loves you my special boy, my only son and hence my favourite son.  Just don’t make me angry like your dad too often and all will be well and say ‘yes’ more often.  You make me pull my hair out and then make my all melty and googly goo when your sweet. I can’t imagine life without you now my special second child.


Till Then


***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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