5 Places To Walk Your Dogs Unleashed In Auckland – W is for Walks

We have two Samoyeds who we call Murphy and Kaia;


An awesome portrait shot of them by the fabulous Richard Ng

When we can, we bring them for walks, and because I am not a good trainer (I suck) I don’t really like walking them on a leash so I am always on the look out for unleashed dog parks and areas. Below are my 5 fav spots to bring my dogs for a walk 🙂



Bethells Beach

Clare (10)Clare (9)

Bethells beach holds a special place for me and Bron as we used to walk our fist ever Samoyed there who left us too soon (melodramatic blog post about that here) It’s really wild and windy and our dogs love it there. Always makes me feel grateful to be alive with the salt and wind blowing into my face with the sea crashing onto the shore and jutting rocks frame the coastline with the sea gulls flying above us.

Click here: Bethells Beach  for directions along with more info about walking your dog there

Waiatarua Reserve



We love this place so much, that we would travel half an hour from our old place just to walk our dogs here. Now that we are 5 minutes walk away we try to walk the dogs every day and I just love it when we are walking home after a nice run, both dogs become more obedient and are not pulling on the leash. Makes me feel like I have the best dogs in the world!

Waiatarua Reserve is a large wetland area and  has a playground, skate park and place for the dogs to jump in and cool off, a mini off track walk that me and the samo’s love to use in summer to shy away from the heat and sun. It’s an ideal place to bring kids and walk the dogs at the same time. There is something for every little person and beast here.

Click here: Waiatarua Reserve  for more info.



Big King Reserve


I love coming here as I get to exercise (A LOT) while I walk the dogs, it an old volcanic cone and the view at the top is beautiful.

After I huff and puff my way up there, it always feels good to look up and around. The hill is quite steep but worth it and if you are feeling lazy they have an easier route to follow to reach the top. Plenty of dogs and I see a lot of the dog walkers like to bring their furry charges there.

For the location click here: Big King Reserve




Orakei Basin


There are a few areas here that is for unleashed dogs to roam and have a play in the water. We don’t go here often as I have to leash them for a bit before I can actually let them run around and expand their energy.

Click here: Orakei Basin for more info

Soldiers Bay



Photos are courtesy of Richard Ng

We have only been here once, but it was lovely and the dogs loved it. The walk to the bay was wonderful, it did not feel like we were in a housing area at all. It was like we were deep in the forest up in the mountains with the wood pigeons cooing at us as we traipsed up and down to get to the bay.


When a good walk is done, a good dog is done.


This photo and the one below are courtesy of Richard Ng





Till Then

***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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10 responses to “5 Places To Walk Your Dogs Unleashed In Auckland – W is for Walks

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  2. Love your dogs, so pleased you have found places in Auckland to let a dog without a leash.
    Very nice photos.

    • Thank you, yeah it’s great to not have to walk with them with the leashes on as they drag me along which is bad for their body. I have tried training them to walk beside me but I am so bad at it. Thank you the photos were mostly taken a by a photographer friend of mine who is very good. Love it!

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  6. Ahh Samoyeds are on my list of dogs I’d like to own one day!!! Along with Great Pyrenees and American Eskimo Dogs because I love polar bears and they are the polar bears of dogs! I loved seeing their pictures 🙂

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