Y is for Yuna

Besides K-Pop music I also love country music, Motown and Metallica but since I am now up to the letter Y. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce to you to a fav Malaysian singer that I love.


I present to you Yuna!!!

If you have heard of her and like her (you have good taste my friend) if you haven’t then click play, lie back, relax and cloooseee your eyes.


I will start with the video of her song that made me swoon and fall madly and deeply with this songstress.

I think this is the song that gave her the recognition as an indie artist in Malaysia and it help her garner fans on MySpace which followed up with an international label asking her to sign up with them later on.


All the feels in this song.

This song in English is called ‘Man’ and how her heart was broken and mistreated and she’s just ranting oh so sweetly.


Over the years she has improved by leaps and bounds and this wonderful song was created.

There are more of her songs that you can check on YouTube if you like what you have seen/heard from here so far.

Your welcome. 💞😄😄

Till Then

***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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4 responses to “Y is for Yuna

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  3. If I’m not mistaken I think she was featured as one of Starbucks free downloads!

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