My Son Is Too Friendly?

We are renting out our room at the moment as our previous house mate has gone to stay with his mates. It was great having my Andy there in the house as it was always a comfort having another male in the house to feel safe. Have fun Andy and thanks for staying with us, I’m sorry for being such a pain when I was pregnant and me and the kids will miss you!

A really lovely lady came to visit the room and Gaby came up to her and said “Me, Gaby!” then he put his hand on Kathleen’s head (she was sitting on the stairs to see who was at the door) “This Katelynn!” and took her hand and introduced her to me and his sister. He held on to that hand throughout the house tour and when it was done he asked her to play.

LOL! To me it was embarrassing but super sweet at the same time. The sweet lady took it in her stride and let him drag her around the place.

The same thing happened when we went to visit Puhoi Café. Their cheese platters are AMAZING! I didn’t get to take a photo as everything was devoured pretty quickly. Their ice creams were super delish too, also nom nom quickly before any photo taking could happen.


They had a playground, a pond and a huge grassy area for the children to play and roam in. Our kids were running wild and Trang had bought Yuki which fascinated these 3 kids. They came over and asked if they could play/walk Yuki and Trang said “Yes”. Off they went traipsing around the place with Yuki and the twins in tow. They were not going to miss out hanging out with the big kids. During their play Gaby and Ari manage to sneak in holding the children’s hands as they walked Yuki up and down the grounds.




“Koko! Koko! Hold dog?”, “Koko! Hand!!!” I can hear them screaming at the bigger kids (koko means big brother). The kids were so very patient with the twins and would even wait for them hand outstretched when one of the twins lagged behind. The kids got attached very quickly especially Gaby who could be seen holding on tightly to the koko’s hand.

So sweet and I was so tempted to find their parents to ask where they lived and if I could bring the twins over to play. LOL!

Gaby, you sweet boy. Don’t ever change but I might have to start on the ‘stranger danger’ lesson soon with you and your sister.


This is how we typically look getting everyone ready for a group photo


Till Then


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