Murphy is in surgery again

Murphy has not been eating for the last 3 days so we sent him to the vet yesterday and booked an appointment for a specialist abdominal scan for this morning. MOH received a call in the afternoon and the vet said that there seems to be a cloth of some sort that is ‘floating’ around in his gut which is making him uncomfortable and causing him to have nausea which is why he is not eating.

We don’t know how long he has had that in his gut as his eating habits have been sporadic ever since his gut operation 2-3 years ago. We had recently brought him to the vet as he kept losing weight, was picky with his food. So we took a blood test and everything came back normal.

The last time he swallowed something it got stuck in his gut and we had to do an emergency operation and we weren’t even sure if he would survive. It here is the post on that fiasco: Murphy Boy

He was 23 kg back then when it happened and healthy. Now he is 15kg, weak, frail and the vet is not sure if he will make it this time.

His operation is scheduled for 3pm today. I am just praying he’ll be ok.


Till Then






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14 responses to “Murphy is in surgery again

  1. I hope Murphy is alright! Extra cuddles when he comes home!

  2. mocookies20

    Oh my goodness…I hope Murphy is okay!! I’m also praying that he’ll be fine.

  3. Praying and positive energy. *hugs*

  4. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Poor doggy… I really really hope he will be okay. I hope the surgery will go well.

  5. praying for Murphy too ! Strong boy he is, will get through this.

  6. Poor pooch! Good luck, Murphy!

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