Murphy is out of surgery

MOH received the call last night that Murphy was out of surgery and for now is doing well. There was a whole lot of junk in there, bits of cloth, plastic, rubber and who knows what else. It was infesting in there for some time and parts of his gut had become infected. I can only imagine how he must have suffered and how long he had been suffering. I suspect it was when his appetite was cut down in half (4-5 months ago)  and we had attributed it to his short gut. Next time, when our dogs appetite changes we won’t be assuming and send them straight to the vet to get a scan.

We had sent him to the vet several times and we always came away with a jab or two and a check of his temperature, weight and abdomen. The vet and I could never feel anything. So a scan is a must next time especially if their appetite doesn’t come back in a couple of weeks’ time.


Poor Murphy.


He is still at the vets and stayed overnight, on the drip to replace all the precious fluids he has lost. I am hesitant to type this out just in case it doesn’t become a reality but he is on the mend and we just have to fatten him again once he gets home. I don’t even want to think about how much his surgery and after care will cost us. Nope, we did not get pet insurance, if you are reading this now and have a pet GO.GET.PET.INSURANCE. You will definitely need it.

Kaia (our other dog) has to go on a diet, I am afraid she gained A LOT of weight while we were trying to get Murphy to gain weight. She is like a walking tub now…It’s one or the other for us. LOL

Thank you to all for your kind wishes, I think we are out of the danger zone and we just have to help him gain weight and store all our stuff more securely to avoid this from happening again.


Till Then.



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9 responses to “Murphy is out of surgery

  1. mocookies20

    I’m just glad that Murphy is okay! I wish I could have a dog (not fair, my mom had a dog when she was younger, why can’t I?), or a cat (but my asthma makes me allergic to them). Only pet I have is a hamster which I’m happy with.

  2. Sending all my best for a very speedy recovery. Poor darling!!

  3. Sending positive thoughts for Murphy! Every dog I’ve owned has needed at least one big operation, so yes, pet insurance is a good idea!

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