Autumn in 2016

I had a walk yesterday after work. I think this is the warmest autumn I have ever experienced since I came to Auckland 13 years ago. Red, yellow and brown leaves were adorning parts of the park creating a lovely setting. I couldn’t help walking through the fallen leaves which had created a thick autumn blanket on the damp ground.





Till Then



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8 responses to “Autumn in 2016

  1. papams

    working suda?? and yes, even though this is my first time experiencing Autumn in NZ, I feel like its not as cold as I expected it to be :-p

  2. I think it will be mild and then we will have 3 freezing weeks followed by damp sweaty rain 🙂

    Yours sincerly

    Weather Lady hahahahah

  3. I love reading your posts as I’m from the States and we’re coming in to Spring! Love seeing the contrast. A few years ago I got a Christmas card from a friend in New Zealand and the stamp had people playing on the beach! So funny to think Christmas is in summer there!

    • Thank you, it was funny to me too that kiwis celebrated Xmas in summer. But now, nothing beats chilling on the deck with the BBQ going, friends and family sheltered under the awnings sipping drinks and chatting under the blue sky.

  4. I love autumn and love your photos.

  5. I love autumn too but not as much as Spring! Thanks I’m trying to take better photos for the blog

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