Is marrying MOH the reason I am fat?

I read a few articles today that pointed out that being fat could most likely be due to your partner as their lifestyle would influence your own lifestyle.

How Being Married to Mr Big Made Me Fat

I was going through the photos on MOH phone and was so happy to see all the pictures of the kids playing, Miki, my mother in law and me… Wait is that me?


I saw a photo of myself from one of our weekends and I was like…yup legit fat. I can’t lie, I was a bit upset. I don’t feel like how I look. I feel great but I must admit I don’t look my best. So I went to whine and complained to MOH and he was like “Its ok, what to do? You don’t look like that in real life, I think you look good”.

Aww, you’re the best babe.

A few minutes later he turns to me and says “I feel like an ice cream, you want one?”. What was I to do but say yes to the bloody ice cream and at 8pm no less!


Till Then



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14 responses to “Is marrying MOH the reason I am fat?

  1. I think the moral of this is to always say yes to ice cream 🙂 hehe!

  2. Oh, Yes!! I put on a load of weight when I started dating my now husband. Cheese and crackers after dinner, or ice cream at 10pm. I agree after 7, there is no way to turn down an ice cream, or chocolate, or cake, ah, yeah. Anyways….

  3. Hmmm. You just look like an attractive woman to me.

  4. b0ngkers

    i agree wgr56!

  5. Our biggest downfall is pizza! When I’ve had a long day with the baby I’ll text my husband saying “I don’t feel like cooking tonight.” And his response is always “Pizza?” Not entirely his fault because I always agree! 😀

  6. Hahaha you and your husband are so cute!!! oh and you look great!! Ice cream is so hard to say no…
    I thought it’s cute he takes pictures of you 😚

    • ha ha ha ha we try to annoy each other to keep the ‘spice’ in our life since we don’t have much energy for anything else 😛 and yes who can say no to ice cream! xx

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