Woo hoo! Breakthrough in the Potty Training!

Gaby woke up with a spring to his step and a twinkle in his eye. We had a cuddle and him shouting at the top of his lungs “DADDY WAKE UP! DADDY WAKE UP! SUN OUT! SUN IZ OUT!” and MOH groaning back a reply. Miki was all game to play with him so I got up to get ready for work while they entertained each other.

It is so good to wake up to smiles and gentle giggles instead of a mini tantrum the moment they wake up. Sometimes, Gaby wakes up in a bad mood, he would jump on his still sleeping sister who wakes up in a fright and starts crying and screaming “ARI TIRED, ARI TIRED!” and baby is crying for attention asking me to pick her up while I am trying to pee and brush my teeth at the same time. It is, as you can imagine, utter chaos and just sets a really unpleasant tone for the day.

Anyhoo, me, Miki and Gaby woke up in a pleasant way that we don’t often do, with us all stretching with the sunlight on us creating a soft glow (like they do in the adverts) and I knew, I just knew something good was going to happen today.

Gaby asked if he could go down to the living room and I said “Yes” and he went down while I went to the bathroom with baby in tow. I then hear a squeal and a muffled “Mummy!” through the door.  I open the door and he keeps saying “uh oh, pee, mummy, pee”  I was in a good mood so brushed it aside and told him to not worry and took a cloth to soak up the  pee.

Then I turn my attention to him to change his pets because he obviously leaked through his pants but nope everything was dry and it dawned on me like a wonderful surprise that he had put his pants down along with his diaper before he peed. Never mind that it was on my carpet but he still took the time to put it down and when he was done he pulled it back up.

I closed my eyes and did a mini fist pump. A breakthrough in the potty training, THANK YOU GOD!

I was so happy I just dropped his pants and we did a mini chicken dance right there with Miki looking at us gurgling and clapping her hands.

Today, is a good day.



Till Then


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One response to “Woo hoo! Breakthrough in the Potty Training!

  1. Yayyyy!!!! Congrats. Its like the light at the end of tunnel 🙂

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