Kindness must be practiced everyday

So, I made it a point this year to make sure I posted at least three times a week on this personal blog of mine. It hasn’t even been 3 months into this gig and  I have already failed. The reasons are myriad some totally legit like Gaby falling ill, not eating and suffering from frequent bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting. Miki deciding that sleep was not for her while her two front teeth make an appearance. Ari was the only one who was fit and healthy except for one night where she had a really high fever and I was worried she was getting what Gaby was getting but it turned out to be a one off thing. Also lets factor in my laziness for not updating 😛

But enough about my excuses!

I read in the papers today about this poor woman who was heavily pregnant and crossing the road Auckland woman helps diabetic stranger after she collapsed on the road. She collapsed on the road, in the rain and passerby and motorists alike heckled her instead of helping her off the road with her child.

Luckily a kind Samaritan went to help her up and get her to safety as she composed herself.  Most people thought she was drunk and abused her for it but that does not condone their actions. I am just incensed at the treatment that this woman had to endure. We are living in a first world country, we should know better. Even if she was drunk, high as a kite, off her chair or whatever term people use these days, the woman obviously needed help and she had a child with her! Even the MORE reason to stop honking, get out of the car and help the poor lady. To those who walked by her and to those who honked at her SHAME ON YOU!

In the last ten years Auckland has grown exponentially with a rise in migration, tourism and the housing sector to name a few. I am afraid that as we get bigger and richer in Auckland we also lose bits and pieces of our humanity. What a terrible trade off. We need to practice more kindness especially in this age of technology.




Till Then



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7 responses to “Kindness must be practiced everyday

  1. Oh, how terrible, that poor woman. I agree with everything you wrote in your post, it’s unbelievable that something like that should happen in New Zealand.
    I wouldn’t worry about not writing a post three times a week, with a young family, especially when they are not well you don’t aways have time to write.
    Look after yourself, I enjoy reading you posts.

    • Thank you Elsie, you have always been supportive of my blog ever since I found your blog 🙂 and yes, that poor lady and her son was so good trying to console and help her too. I just…it just makes me so mad when this sort of thing happens. Always trying to balance my life out so that everyone, myself included, are happy. We are getting there. Take care! xx

  2. I love the message in this post. Thanks for sharing it. Have a lovely evening.

  3. That is just so terrible. It’s times like that when you wonder what is happening to society. Also, in the same vein, be kind to yourself about not blogging as much as you wanted to. You can’t blog about life and things if you aren’t out there living it.

    • Aww, thank you for your kind words and they are so apt too! I do want to make sure I keep blogging regularly so as to not fall into the habit of not blogging at all which is what happened when we had the twins.

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