Waiting List for Pre-School

I have just enrolled the twins to a pre-school near our home. I don’t know why but I feel so nervous and sad (crazy isn’t it???) They haven’t even started yet and already I’m a mess.

I haven’t researched much into the place except that they have a ratio of 1 teacher to 6 children (which is good) and the place is loud, messy and full of fun (which is very, very good). I want my kids to meet children their age, have some time away from the grandparents and socialise. The place is close enough that my in laws can just walk there to pick them up and check on them whenever they want to.

I need to remind my mother in law to schedule a time to sit in and have a look at the place to see if they like it.

I…feel weird. LOL I don’t know, my babies are now going to school. WHAT THE HELL!


Till Then



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5 responses to “Waiting List for Pre-School

  1. zelynneblog

    I don’t want my son to start pre school. Maybe I should just homeschool him. But yes, I’ll probably be a mess too when that time comes.

  2. Unfortunately they will be in college tomorrow, time goes by that quickly when it comes to children.

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