Week Long PARTY! Woot! Woot!

We celebrated the twins birthday early this year as the weather was going to be fine (it was beauuuutiiifulll). So I booked the community center which was only a 5 minutes walk away from our place, sent out last minute invitations, rushed here and there for the food ,cake and balloons and TA DA, we have a birthday party!

Thank you so much to James, Evon, my father in law and mother in law for helping with  cooking, clean up and watching the kids while me and Bron went around the place doing stuff!

The kids had so much fun! Love, love love! It was a crisp and sunny day, adding clarity to an already wonderful time that we were having. So many children and parents around and I really do feel so blessed and happy for my children that they are surrounded by such a loving community. A community that I will work hard to maintain. I truly believe they will need that support to grow into the human beings that God wants them to be.

Every year the celebration gets simpler but the presents just get better and better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (you think I’m excited? One of my girlfriends urged the twins to open their birthday presents as she couldn’t wait to see what they got too!) We never expect anything but friends and family (especially the grandparents!!!) have spoiled the twins rotten. It will be a week long festivity in our house ending with this weekend. A dinner,  joint celebration of my husband and the twins (the twins were born a day before MOH’s birthday 🙂 )







I have some videos from the party (links below) if you want you can visit my FB page to see what we have been up to :


There was an incident with the balloons, luckily two of the guests came to the rescue. Don’t try it at home folks!


The perfect photo to end this post with ❤

Till Then



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2 responses to “Week Long PARTY! Woot! Woot!

  1. Happy birthday!!! 3 years old!! good for you mama for throwing such a big party for them 🙂
    Awww the video of them kissing is so adorable😍
    and the last picture😍😍😍

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