So, baby girl is now under general anesthetic and is waiting to go into surgery. 

All fun and games but when she started turning and tossing in the final stages before succumbing to sleep had me a bit worried. The doctor warned me it would happen. But he said “most children will wiggle a bit…”  I was expecting a wiggle and a twitch not her hands coming up and her twisting her body left and right before she became inert. 

After that, I was politely escorted out of the room. The nurse was gentle, she must have seen the shock on my face before I could cover it with my usual bravado. “It will take about an hour” she said.  “You can wait here if you like” she said. 

Now I’m in the hospital cafe sipping an overpriced bitter mocha and tasteless salmon sandwich while I wait. It will be fine. 
Till then



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7 responses to “Waiting 

  1. I hope that everything went well and that you’re now at home resting with your little one!

  2. It will be fine! Hope she is okay and recovery isn’t too hard xx

  3. I hope everything when fine and that your daughter is doing well. Many hugs, Solveig

  4. I am sure everything went fine…..Will be watching for your next post!

  5. gooeykablooie88

    Hope all went well! hugs to you both xoxo

  6. zelynneblog

    Hoping for a speedy recovery. Hug and kisses to you and your lil one.

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