Many injured and allegedly dead after Truck Ploughs into Crowd in Nice

Truck Ploughs Into Crowd In Nice, France Many Injured

My heart just broke, I don’t understand how people can do this? Violence will always beget violence and it won’t end anything. Why? Why did they do this???

I just can’t… people have lost their family members, friends, lovers. Individuals who make up the threads of a community, all gone, for nothing. This incident follows  the recent bombing of a shopping centre in Baghdad Bombing in Central Baghdad

I can’t stop thinking about how I would have done the same thing. To bring my family out for a night out. Just walking together, chatting, spending quality time with each other. Just like how those families in Baghdad were out celebrating Eid with their loved ones wanting to break fast, just like those poor people in Nice who wanted to celebrate Bastille Day only to be confronted with the horror of bombs, guns, trucks and violence. What did that achieve?


No words can describe my sadness for the people who have lost someone in these horrific incidents. The people who were killed could have been sole income earners in the family, parents to a now orphaned child, sons and daughters who were taking care of their elders. It is not just the lives lost that matters it is also the lives that have been left behind in the aftermath. Horrific, just fucking horrific.



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