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An Adventure A Day

As part of our one week birthday celebration for the twins we went to the Zoo last week. It was an expensive venture but the twins (especially Gaby boy) made the trip worthwhile. He was the navigator and navigated us through the zoo with his trusty map.

It was a good day to go the zoo as it was on one of the rare weekends in winter where the sun would be out and no rain to spoil the day. It was a bit nippy but nothing like a warm jumper and a lot of running, screaming and expressions of joy couldn’t fix. We brought the stroller along but Miki was not having any of that, so we carried the baby pushed the stroller (which handled our gazillion bags of important stuff) while the children screamed their way into the zoo wanting to see EVERYTHING.

That was my fourth time there in the years that I have been in Auckland and it was the best one yet. All the animals were out that there due to the cold weather and the appearance of the sun. The elusive Tigers and Cheetahs were lounging out in the open trying to soak up as much of the sun’s rays to stay warm. The children were interested but the adults were definitely more into it knowing how rare it was to see them about.

After three hours of walking the stroller came in handy when the children became tired and grumpy. We tried lifting their spirits again with ice cream but half an hour later it was clear to all that it was time to go home. Amidst cries of protest at the entrance we promised to bring them to the zoo again. This time with inah and grandpa when they come visit from my hometown. I hope the animals come out to play on our next visit, please.




When I had kids I told myself that we would be the type of family that would be out and about as much as possible. Walks in the parks, beach, lakes and everything in between. My mother inspired me to be active with my kids. She would work long hours but when the holidays hit we would be preparing for some grand adventure that she had meticulously planned. That’s why regardless of how tired I was when the weekend hit I would be raring to go out and about. I get into a pretty foul mood when we are cooped indoors. I want my children to do things that I did, travel the country in a car with the family, have fun with things that does not include an ipad, mobile phone or television. To experience this majestic world of ours and know that we are but a speck of sand in the universe. But as little as we are, our existence matters, their life matters, there is a reason for everything and to just have an adventure a day and live.


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K is for Kelly Tarlton’s

My kids love Kelly Tarlton’s and even more so now that they have upgraded their facilities. They now have a beautiful interactive area for the little ones and the cafe has had a makeover.

However, I must object about the placement of the souvenir shop which is at the exit😤. We had a ‘situation’ with the twins on our most recent excursion there. With all the goodies on display, all I can say is that there was a lot of  “NO’s”, screaming, crying and general mayhem.  Luckily, at the time we had a few family friends there with their kids and one dad had to pick up Ari while MOH dealt with Gaby and I with baby M.

As you can imagine, it was a painful moment for us all. But life is not all roses with children and it shouldn’t be. All these experiences make us better parents (well , I certainly hope so, actually I BEG that it is so) and help the child understand boundaries and discipline <– HA. HA. HA.😂

Anyhoo, the kids LOVED the visit so much that each time we drive by the place they would chime in with “BIG FISH!”, “GUIN!” (I am guessing they are shouting out the word Penguin), “WATER”, “AGAIN! MUMMY AGAIN!”.  Yes, they are constantly shouting, at this stage of their life there is no volume control. I also sometimes have no control over my urge to smash my head against the steering wheel when they have their screaming sessions.


With that positive note here are the photos from our last excursion at Kelly Tarltons and from their Facebook Page;




The photos below are from Kelly Tarlton’s Facebook page.




Below are some photos from when we went with my family when the twins were only 40 days old.




We are thinking of heading off there again in Winter to check out the “Explore the Jurassic Seas” . The kids loved the penguin area but I absolutely loved the tank with the sting rays, I could sit in that spot for hours (well, I can imagine sitting there for hours if I didn’t have kids).

Here is a link for the ticket prices, we wanted to get the annual pass at the gift shop but the with the twins meltdown we had to get out of there pretty quickly. It did not help that there was only one attendant there that, put mildly has long passed her ‘spring of youth moments’ and was not in a happy mood having to deal with an influx of customers all by her lonesome self. So yeah, nah.


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Her name was Clare.

“I don’t think it’s curable”

As those words rung in my head in an echo and tears fell down my face I made the decision to say goodbye.

The vet was saying something else but it was all muffled as I hide behind MOH to stop crying. I catch bits and pieces of the conservation as I try to compose myself.

“We could send her to….Anemic…no blood….lost weight….won’t survive….no pain” I stop the doctor and MOH and said “I want to bring her home”.


It happened so quickly, she just closed her eyes and slept. She continued sleeping when we patted her and held her, she continued sleeping when we carried her to the car, slept on the way home and was still sleeping when we laid her to rest in her final resting spot.

As MOH was digging the earth to make a spot for her I was imagining lavender, white flowers and maybe a rose bush to be planted on her spot. She will be under the sun with flowers and bees and forever be happy. I hope that wherever she is someone will always give her pats and hugs and lets her lick their toes.

I can’t stop crying, it’s sad whenever I think about it. I keep thinking that I should have played with her more often, teased her less and should have given her more cheese then was good for her. She was a good girl, a little bit weird for a dog but that’s what made her so cool to have.

I had a dog and her name was Clare and she was really really special to me and MOH.

Family photo 2009

Some of my favourite blog post about my crazy Samo

My dog gave birth but it feels like I had labor too!

Summer at the beach

Sun, sea and Samoyed

Precious photos of her from puppy to adulthood.

Rest in peace Clare.

November 2008 – 8 October 2012

Before I end I would like to leave her a cyber message: CLARE YOU STUPID DOG TILL THE VERY END YOU HAD TO DO THINGS YOUR WAY! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Till Then


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Clare is at the vet and she has been there for the last two days. I don’t think she is going to make it and I feel so sad.

Going to the vet now and it doesn’t look good.

Till Then

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All play and no work, except for getting reported to animal control

All play and no work makes me lose weight. I know, I don’t get how that works either. Is it because I am not sitting behind a desk for 8 hours with only two 15 minute breaks in between and one half an hour lunch break?

Is it because I have stopped munching at my desk as I try to get the report done before the end of the day approaches? Is it because I no longer have to stuff my face whenever a colleague is leaving, has a baby, has a birthday or is promoted?

Or it could be due to the fact that I am now officially broke and can’t spend any money on snacks. Either way it’s a win-win situation for me. Well, except for the empty bank account which became official yesterday. Also, yesterday was the first time my neighbor called animal control on me.


I was letting the dogs out for a short run and they usually run around for 5 minutes and run back into the garage. But then yesterday was different. They ran around and totally ignored me when I called them to me and ran up to my neighbors house. The neighbors cats were outside and they scooted away when they saw the dogs but my neighbor came out shouting “The dogs are not allowed on my property. Get them off my property!”. I apologized and got the dogs under control, while I was moving away she was telling me how one of her cats was blind and bla bla bla. Honestly, it’s hard to concentrate when I’m trying to control two eager dogs who look at my neighbor and thought she was playing a game with them as she would try to come out and scream at me but then would retreat back (she is screaming the whole time) when the dogs get close to her to sniff and play. So all I heard was bla bla bla …” if this happens again I will call animal control”. I looked up and said “ok”.

I thought that was the end of it but what do you know 2 hours later animal control came knocking on my door. The lady was really nice and just ask me to leash the dogs when I walk them.Apparently Samoyeds, huskies and any of the Nikita breed love to hunt cats, it’s in their blood. “Fucking neighbors, I should have let the dogs get one of em at least for all this trouble “. Sorry, for a few seconds while the lady from animal control was chatting to me this un-explainable rage came over me and images of injured cats and dog shit bombs at my neighbors front door just made me smile a little inside. Not that I would harm animals, I love cats but my neighbors are weird. They have a living room full of birds in this huge cage (so effectively they have no living room) and they freak out whenever they see my dogs (ok, 3 years ago when my dog was still a puppy it went into their house and scared the living daylights out of the mum). But, that was like 3 years ago!

It doesn’t help that I mistrust people who don’t like dogs. How can you not like dogs? Especially ones who look like this?

Anyhoo, so animal control came, spoke to me and left (all of this happened in under 5 minutes). I got my urge to ‘stomp over to the neighbors to scream inane stuff to them’ under control and just went about my business as usual.

So the whole point to this story is that after that, everything just felt wrong and I had this massive self pity party.

And I have no idea why. Deep down inside I was thinking of ways to make my neighbors pay but really it was my fault. I think I’m going all Jekyll and Hyde over the no snacks in the afternoon issue. Do you think it’s withdrawal symptoms?


Till Then


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Cutie pie puppy goodness overload <3

I was looking through some clips that I recorded in the past and this one was taken two months ago. Look at the cutie! This was taken at my in-laws after our dinner. Please ignore the morons talking in the background. That’s just me wanting MOH to take a photo as I was prepping the puppy not realizing that he was actually taking a video. Man, they can’t even take simple instructions -_-

I just about died of cuteness overload when the puppy stayed on her back waiting to get a tummy rub! She is a cross breed between a Westie and a Shih Tzu. Unfortunately, she has been sold already so no more cute puppies at the in-laws to play with 😦

Watch the video, ohhhhh I want a puppy now!


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