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Walking on toes

I was walking out of the toilet when I heard “Mummy, look! Tip Toe!”. I turned to Gaby and saw him doing this!

Video of Gaby “Tip Toe”

First, I find it amazing that he can do that! I almost broke my toes trying to emulate him. Secondly, is this safe for him to do? Lastly, where is the best place to go learn ballet in Auckland?


Till Then


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Woo hoo! Breakthrough in the Potty Training!

Gaby woke up with a spring to his step and a twinkle in his eye. We had a cuddle and him shouting at the top of his lungs “DADDY WAKE UP! DADDY WAKE UP! SUN OUT! SUN IZ OUT!” and MOH groaning back a reply. Miki was all game to play with him so I got up to get ready for work while they entertained each other.

It is so good to wake up to smiles and gentle giggles instead of a mini tantrum the moment they wake up. Sometimes, Gaby wakes up in a bad mood, he would jump on his still sleeping sister who wakes up in a fright and starts crying and screaming “ARI TIRED, ARI TIRED!” and baby is crying for attention asking me to pick her up while I am trying to pee and brush my teeth at the same time. It is, as you can imagine, utter chaos and just sets a really unpleasant tone for the day.

Anyhoo, me, Miki and Gaby woke up in a pleasant way that we don’t often do, with us all stretching with the sunlight on us creating a soft glow (like they do in the adverts) and I knew, I just knew something good was going to happen today.

Gaby asked if he could go down to the living room and I said “Yes” and he went down while I went to the bathroom with baby in tow. I then hear a squeal and a muffled “Mummy!” through the door.  I open the door and he keeps saying “uh oh, pee, mummy, pee”  I was in a good mood so brushed it aside and told him to not worry and took a cloth to soak up the  pee.

Then I turn my attention to him to change his pets because he obviously leaked through his pants but nope everything was dry and it dawned on me like a wonderful surprise that he had put his pants down along with his diaper before he peed. Never mind that it was on my carpet but he still took the time to put it down and when he was done he pulled it back up.

I closed my eyes and did a mini fist pump. A breakthrough in the potty training, THANK YOU GOD!

I was so happy I just dropped his pants and we did a mini chicken dance right there with Miki looking at us gurgling and clapping her hands.

Today, is a good day.



Till Then

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My Son Is Too Friendly?

We are renting out our room at the moment as our previous house mate has gone to stay with his mates. It was great having my Andy there in the house as it was always a comfort having another male in the house to feel safe. Have fun Andy and thanks for staying with us, I’m sorry for being such a pain when I was pregnant and me and the kids will miss you!

A really lovely lady came to visit the room and Gaby came up to her and said “Me, Gaby!” then he put his hand on Kathleen’s head (she was sitting on the stairs to see who was at the door) “This Katelynn!” and took her hand and introduced her to me and his sister. He held on to that hand throughout the house tour and when it was done he asked her to play.

LOL! To me it was embarrassing but super sweet at the same time. The sweet lady took it in her stride and let him drag her around the place.

The same thing happened when we went to visit Puhoi Café. Their cheese platters are AMAZING! I didn’t get to take a photo as everything was devoured pretty quickly. Their ice creams were super delish too, also nom nom quickly before any photo taking could happen.


They had a playground, a pond and a huge grassy area for the children to play and roam in. Our kids were running wild and Trang had bought Yuki which fascinated these 3 kids. They came over and asked if they could play/walk Yuki and Trang said “Yes”. Off they went traipsing around the place with Yuki and the twins in tow. They were not going to miss out hanging out with the big kids. During their play Gaby and Ari manage to sneak in holding the children’s hands as they walked Yuki up and down the grounds.




“Koko! Koko! Hold dog?”, “Koko! Hand!!!” I can hear them screaming at the bigger kids (koko means big brother). The kids were so very patient with the twins and would even wait for them hand outstretched when one of the twins lagged behind. The kids got attached very quickly especially Gaby who could be seen holding on tightly to the koko’s hand.

So sweet and I was so tempted to find their parents to ask where they lived and if I could bring the twins over to play. LOL!

Gaby, you sweet boy. Don’t ever change but I might have to start on the ‘stranger danger’ lesson soon with you and your sister.


This is how we typically look getting everyone ready for a group photo


Till Then

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N is for Nap time


A few weeks ago we were too busy and the twins skipped their naps and had gone to bed by 6.30pm. Blog post on that beautiful event; Skipping Naps For An Early Night With Twins. Now, this is amazing because they are usually in bed by 8.30pm – 9.30pm sometimes even as late as 10.30pm depending on how long their nap was in the afternoon. So, they skipped their nap that day and went to bed early and woke up around 6.30am – 7am. Can you hear it? Can you hear the singing chorus of angels in the background? So epic, I wept with gratitude for this wonderful unexpected moment.


That was two weeks ago and here is an update on where we are so far. So, we have been trying to skip the naps and grandma is under strict instructions to not let them nap any later then 1.30pm. We have had a few hits and misses and I have learned a few things on the way which are;

  1. When putting toddlers to sleep do not surf on the phone while singing nursery rhymes. It does not work.
  2. When putting toddlers to sleep, lying down in between them and surfing on the phone expecting them to go sleep , it does not work.
  3. When putting toddlers to sleep and you are co-sleeping, do not fall asleep in an exhaustive heap while tapping them to sleep as you will end up waking up disoriented and in pain because they were playing ‘jumping monkeys’ and used you as a base.
  4. When putting toddlers to sleep do not let them use the Ipad in bed thinking “they must be very tired they will fall asleep in minutes”. WRONG! It does not work.11958075_10153786504126913_970608021177273508_o

The only thing that worked (if they haven’t fallen asleep as soon as their heads touches the pillow) is to switch off all the lights, lie in bed with them and sing “1,2,3,4,5…once I caught a fish alive. 6,7,8,9,10 then I let it go again…why did I let it go? Because it bit my finger so. Which finger did it bite? This little finger on my riiiigggghhhtttt” repeat times infinity. As I sing them to sleep I can feel myself slipping too and I try to claw myself out of that sucking black hole called sleep (because I still have so many things to do, like have a life).  I fail and succumb only to wake up 6 hours later in the wee morning wanting to pee and the baby is crying.


Till Then.

***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

My other posts for the challenge;

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K is for Kelly Tarlton’s

My kids love Kelly Tarlton’s and even more so now that they have upgraded their facilities. They now have a beautiful interactive area for the little ones and the cafe has had a makeover.

However, I must object about the placement of the souvenir shop which is at the exit😤. We had a ‘situation’ with the twins on our most recent excursion there. With all the goodies on display, all I can say is that there was a lot of  “NO’s”, screaming, crying and general mayhem.  Luckily, at the time we had a few family friends there with their kids and one dad had to pick up Ari while MOH dealt with Gaby and I with baby M.

As you can imagine, it was a painful moment for us all. But life is not all roses with children and it shouldn’t be. All these experiences make us better parents (well , I certainly hope so, actually I BEG that it is so) and help the child understand boundaries and discipline <– HA. HA. HA.😂

Anyhoo, the kids LOVED the visit so much that each time we drive by the place they would chime in with “BIG FISH!”, “GUIN!” (I am guessing they are shouting out the word Penguin), “WATER”, “AGAIN! MUMMY AGAIN!”.  Yes, they are constantly shouting, at this stage of their life there is no volume control. I also sometimes have no control over my urge to smash my head against the steering wheel when they have their screaming sessions.


With that positive note here are the photos from our last excursion at Kelly Tarltons and from their Facebook Page;




The photos below are from Kelly Tarlton’s Facebook page.




Below are some photos from when we went with my family when the twins were only 40 days old.




We are thinking of heading off there again in Winter to check out the “Explore the Jurassic Seas” . The kids loved the penguin area but I absolutely loved the tank with the sting rays, I could sit in that spot for hours (well, I can imagine sitting there for hours if I didn’t have kids).

Here is a link for the ticket prices, we wanted to get the annual pass at the gift shop but the with the twins meltdown we had to get out of there pretty quickly. It did not help that there was only one attendant there that, put mildly has long passed her ‘spring of youth moments’ and was not in a happy mood having to deal with an influx of customers all by her lonesome self. So yeah, nah.


Till Then


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G is for Garden

After browsing through some photos on Instagram. I found some accounts that I really liked who focused on succulents. The photos were so pretty and they made it look so easy. I was tempted enough to try so I hitched myself off to a couple of nurseries and got me some succulents to try.

2 weeks later I tried propagating. MOH saw how much I loved pottering around outside he decided to get me a cute green house to potter in and store my stash of succulent leaves which are in the midst of propagating.


Building the greenhouse with his supervisors



Ari project managing the build

Here are a few post on my first succulent haul and the mayhem that ensued :

Succulent madness

Succulent destroyed by my dogs

The wind blew my succulents away!

I love it. I have tried gardening a few times but this is the first time I actually enjoy it. I have bought two bags of tulip bulbs to be planted now for a show in Spring. So, I am slowly venturing out of succulents and moving on to flowers and then hopefully do a small urban vegetables patch with a bee hive in the backyard.


Here is a new project we are currently on. Can't wait for it to finish so I can show you!

I am also planning a small aquaponics standing pond. Do you have any tips to share? If you do please leave a comment and share it😄

Till then


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Twins and family at the Winter Garden

Oooh, the weather on Friday was beautiful so we all went to visit the Winter Garden at Domain Park in Auckland. I have never been there and I’m glad we went as the flowers and plants were gorgeous 😍😍😍


Oh you know, we just be casually wearing our sunglasses upside down. That’s how we roll in the Chin-Chong house!


Having a little jiggly before lunch. We love our food, gotta dance for it.


At the entrance of time Wintergarden





The kids loved it too and it felt so grand to be surrounded by so many beautiful plants.





After that we went to get some ice cream, run away from a flock of geese and climbed an old tree.



Till then

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