I use to write because I was bored. But now I write to document this wonderful journey and struggles of being a wife to my wonderful but can ‘drive me crazy’  husband and mum to twins Ari and Gaby who are 3 years old and to 7 month old Miki.

I am passionate about empowering women and love to support businesses owned by women. I believe local businesses when supported right can be the backbone of a country.

Along with my personal posts I will also be sharing articles on entrepreneurship, mighty women and men as knowledge should be shared and successes need to be celebrated. Going hand in hand with the serious stuff I will also be posting on fluffy stuff that makes my heart sing 😆

I’m a proud Sabahan who is currently residing in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. I believe a good family environment is vital to ensuring a healthy society. I believe that children are the future, and should be given the right to an education.

I love, love, love beautiful things. I love diy stuff, always wish I was more of a handier type handy woman. I also wish I had super art and crafts powers but alas, I fear I am more of a spectator and frequently ‘like’ liker type person.

My name is Audrey, welcome.


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  1. Hello Audrey! Thanks for visiting me 😀
    Happy to to know there are more Sabahan that believe in what you and I believe in.
    Proud to be Sabahan, saya orang Sabah bah ^-^

  2. Hi Audrey! Great blog you have, we will def read your posts! 😀

  3. Hey! Thank you for your comments on my blog recently. I love your blog posts. You are such a strong momma! Sleepless nights, skipping naps,,, is tough! my boys just started having only one nap a day… scary! haha. anyways, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you would like to do the question tag for this award, see http://mommyoutnumbered.com/2016/03/24/the-liebster-award/ Thank you so much 🙂

    • Heloooo😊 you are a wonderful mother and you and hubs are going at it without much support (salute!) I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the nomination looks like fun will definitely do it 😘

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  5. NZ – you’re right next door to me ! ‘Scuse the ignorance, but I’m curious to know what Sabahan is ….

  6. Audrey,


    You don’t know me but I wanted to tell you thank you SOOOO much for taking time to read the post I had made about the struggles and difficulties my family and I are facing right now with my mom’s colon cancer diagnosis. It had been reblogged on “THEGIRLWHOFEAROBLIVION”‘s blog the other day and I saw you had “liked” it on there. Me and my brother are trying to do everything in our power to gain traction for the cancer relief crowd funding page that we put together for her. I would humbly ask that you contribute whatever you possibly can. Even if it’s $5 or something still every little bit helps. We’re just a small family of me, my mom and brother and she isn’t able to work because of her chemo and I haven’t been able to work much because I have to stay home and be a full time caregiver and guardian for my brother. I do some freelance work online and odd jobs around town but it’s not enough to support our family. If you can’t contribute please consider reblogging our post:


    or visit the actual crowd funding donation page at:


    Thank you SO much again for your time and consideration,

    Christopher Michael

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  8. Hi Audrey! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award @ https://serenasinclair.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/the-black-cat-blue-sea-award/

  9. Linda

    Lovely to meet you, Audrey. I look forward to following your blog and reading more about you and your beautiful family 😊.

    • Thank you 🙂 That is very kind of you Thanks for reaching out and I will read up on your blog to get some tips and tricks from you on parenting and other stuff. ❤

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