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An Adventure A Day

As part of our one week birthday celebration for the twins we went to the Zoo last week. It was an expensive venture but the twins (especially Gaby boy) made the trip worthwhile. He was the navigator and navigated us through the zoo with his trusty map.

It was a good day to go the zoo as it was on one of the rare weekends in winter where the sun would be out and no rain to spoil the day. It was a bit nippy but nothing like a warm jumper and a lot of running, screaming and expressions of joy couldn’t fix. We brought the stroller along but Miki was not having any of that, so we carried the baby pushed the stroller (which handled our gazillion bags of important stuff) while the children screamed their way into the zoo wanting to see EVERYTHING.

That was my fourth time there in the years that I have been in Auckland and it was the best one yet. All the animals were out that there due to the cold weather and the appearance of the sun. The elusive Tigers and Cheetahs were lounging out in the open trying to soak up as much of the sun’s rays to stay warm. The children were interested but the adults were definitely more into it knowing how rare it was to see them about.

After three hours of walking the stroller came in handy when the children became tired and grumpy. We tried lifting their spirits again with ice cream but half an hour later it was clear to all that it was time to go home. Amidst cries of protest at the entrance we promised to bring them to the zoo again. This time with inah and grandpa when they come visit from my hometown. I hope the animals come out to play on our next visit, please.




When I had kids I told myself that we would be the type of family that would be out and about as much as possible. Walks in the parks, beach, lakes and everything in between. My mother inspired me to be active with my kids. She would work long hours but when the holidays hit we would be preparing for some grand adventure that she had meticulously planned. That’s why regardless of how tired I was when the weekend hit I would be raring to go out and about. I get into a pretty foul mood when we are cooped indoors. I want my children to do things that I did, travel the country in a car with the family, have fun with things that does not include an ipad, mobile phone or television. To experience this majestic world of ours and know that we are but a speck of sand in the universe. But as little as we are, our existence matters, their life matters, there is a reason for everything and to just have an adventure a day and live.


Till Then



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5 Favourite Places to visit in the Zoo – Z is for Zoo

The kids love the zoo and I love it too.

Auckland Zoo is huge! With toddlers the place seems ginormous and never ending. After a few trips I have made a note to spend more time in these areas just cause it is super cool.




Elephants! Who doesn’t love elephants? I love looking at elephants and their big fat butt with their super skinny tail.  I also love that the elephant area is right beside the cafe where we can have some ice cream while ogling at these giants.




It’s a great place to get up close with the seals who frequently swim pass the viewing area and show off. When you walk to the top you can see some penguins and seals lounging under the sun.



There is just something about Meerkats. They don’t have to do anything and I find them funny. Hilarious even, most probably due to Lion King.

Check out their new “African Savannah” with a meerkat tunnel (we gotta go check this out!)


Red Pandas


The Red Pandas are sooooo cuuuteeeeeeeeee and they just recently had cubs! This is reason enough to just sit there for hours with the kids (if the kids stay in one place for 10 minutes  that is considered hours in their world).


Tiger Enclosure


The two times we have been to the zoo we have not been able to catch a sight of these magnificent animals.When spring comes we will most definitely need to do another visit and make sure we pick the right day and time to catch the Tigers.


That’s a pig that we are checking out, we do love our pigs.



Till Then.


*With this post it caps off my completion of Aprils #AtoZChallenge. It has been a fruitful effort as I got to meet new people and find some amazing blogs here. My theme for this challenge was to introduce readers to the people I love, the things we find joy in, issues that I find important and some random musings that I often participate in when I have some free time to just chill and exist.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them and I had a lot of fun reading yours and completing this challenge.

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