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V is for Vagina


Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Grey Line”

Now, we all be shy when we talk about our lady bits but it’s important to talk about our body in a positive way and that includes the vagina. The vagina is a magical thing, it doesn’t need fragrances and douches to remain clean. The vagina has a delicate balance of bacteria down there and self-cleans. If you think you’re a bit on the ‘fragrant’ side then it is most likely have to do with your diet and if you clean yourself daily (gently wash the vulva and folds with water) very rarely is it about hygiene unless you are not able to afford tampons and pads and have to use a dirty rag each time you have a period.

If you don’t believe me, here, Buzzfeed did an article on it too: Buzzfeed: How to Actually Clean Your Vaginah

I read an article while researching for this topic about women cleaning their vagina with all sort of things which leads to infections and sometimes even cancer.


Most of the time these sort of things are done not just for hygienic purposes but to ‘tighten’ the area to pleasure a man.




First thing first, there is an exercise called Kegels, check the video out, get on your back and kegel that shit out.

Skip to 2:03 to check out the exercise

Second, no man, I repeat no man is worth having to have items shoved up your preciousness to ‘tighten’ it so that the man could have more pleasure.

If the guy is gonna run for the hills just because you just gave birth to a miracle and it made you ‘loose’ down there. Then you should have a party when he runs, “good riddance” I say. If you were born with it well then, the fun begins in finding the perfect fit now isn’t it. If the man complains about it being loose then we might have to find out if it really is you or the complainant lacks certain dimensions to fit correctly (ya know what I’m saying?). There are more important things in life then a loose vagina, like not having to worry about cancer and dying.

Here is a good link about maintaining a healthy vagina Vagina Health.  A healthy and active lifestyle i.e. balanced diet, exercise, safe sex practices and hygiene will lead to a happier and healthier vagina.



Till Then


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