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Enough Crazy stories and more LOVE!

Ok, I have had enough of bitching about housemates and what not. Let’s talk about something else and I have the perfect news to share with you. I just saw on my beautiful cousins Facebook that her boyfriend proposed to her. I found a video of him doing the deed and it is soooo sweet! I cried abit when she started crying. Doi dogo!


I was thinking

“So romantic!”,

“Wah, Cubex friends are so cool”

“Omg is cuzzie in a maids outfit”

“Aww he wore a suit!”

“Omg, he’s kneeling!!”

“Oh no, she’s crying!”

“Is she going to say Yes?”

I could feel everyone getting nervous when she didn’t answer and the boys were going to start chanting yes when Marina (the older sister) shush them all -it’s at 2.28 in the video-. FUNNYLA YOU BABE! I laughed until I couldn’t breathe ok!

What a sweet way to propose. I am going to go watch it again just to feel the warm fuzzies.

Congratulations to Cubex and Irene! I am so happy for you!




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