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Post Surgery – Ari and her toe

So sorry for the late update everyone, the children have been on and off sick with runny nose and bad coughs. Everyone in the house fell sick and we were all taking turns like a macabre round the chair dance. Ari’s bandages have been removed and replaced with a teeny plaster that can get wet but needs to be patted dry after every shower. The scar is not so red and angry anymore. She went through the surgery like a champion. I have hilarious videos of her right after she woke up from the anaesthetic. She was disoriented but not disoriented enough to ask for an ice block (she got two because I made the mistake of biting a small bit and she threw a very big tanty with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks). The nurse looked at me horrified and said “Mummy shouldn’t have done that! It’s ok sweetie you can get another ok” I was horrified and also relieved that my daughter was well enough to be a spoiled brat.

Thank you to all my kind readers for the kind words of support. Much love.




Till Then


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X is for X-Ray

Yesterday, we went to check up on Ari’s extra toe. Yup, my baby girl is truly special, she has not 5 but 6 toes on her left foot. The check-up was to see if the baby toe was attached to the main foot by the bone (it wasn’t).


We are planning to remove it and right now I have mixed feelings about this. When Ari was born and I found out she had an extra toe (my mother in law thinks it was because I was cutting and pasting murals on the wall while I was pregnant) and I had decided to cut it when she was older but in the coming months the extra toe was forgotten and it never affected her in a way that would hinder her mobility so me and MOH opted to not cut it. Then we had a change of plans when she started walking. She couldn’t fit most shoes due to her extra toe and she had to wear larger sizes which of course would come off or cause her to fall so she would end up barefoot in the end.

While we were waiting  I brought her to the hospital playroom and it was a great area, fully equipped with friendly staff. She painted on paper, leaves, the table and herself (as usual).
They had this awesome toy where you had to match the animal with the space that was missing on the board but you had to use a magnet instead of toys. So good for hand and eye coordination. While we were waiting for our turn, Doctor Ari gave me a check up.


We also went to a chiropractor who told us that if we left it, the extra toe could warp her walk when she gets older. Also, I am not sure if she is going to be a flat kind of chick or a high heels lady but I want her to have that option and having that extra cute toe would limit her choices. So, on second thought off the toe shall go!

The check-up went fine, this should have been done after she turned two but we missed a few appointments earlier in the year as we moved house and I forgot to let the hospital know. They have been sending me letters of appointments to my previous address (I tried calling them a few times last year after I gave birth to update my deets but never got through to anyone) after that I got too busy with the new house, new baby, twins adjusting to the new family member, all of use adjusting to having the in laws in the house (yay) and life in general just moving along at break neck speed.

Anyhoo, long story short after much delay we are finally on the waiting list and Ari will have to be under general anesthetic for the operation because they would need to tie the blood vessels and clean up the area after removing her extra toe. The operation will most likely be around the end of this year so we have plenty of time to say goodbye to her tiny special little extra toe.


It was a long wait to see the surgeon and she was so good so I had to give her some chocolate raisins for being so patient.


.Till Then


***Just a quick recap, I joined a blog challenge called A to Z challenge where we write a post a day based on the alphabet.

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