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Post Surgery – Ari and her toe

So sorry for the late update everyone, the children have been on and off sick with runny nose and bad coughs. Everyone in the house fell sick and we were all taking turns like a macabre round the chair dance. Ari’s bandages have been removed and replaced with a teeny plaster that can get wet but needs to be patted dry after every shower. The scar is not so red and angry anymore. She went through the surgery like a champion. I have hilarious videos of her right after she woke up from the anaesthetic. She was disoriented but not disoriented enough to ask for an ice block (she got two because I made the mistake of biting a small bit and she threw a very big tanty with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks). The nurse looked at me horrified and said “Mummy shouldn’t have done that! It’s ok sweetie you can get another ok” I was horrified and also relieved that my daughter was well enough to be a spoiled brat.

Thank you to all my kind readers for the kind words of support. Much love.




Till Then


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Surgery Appointment Booked

It’s confirmed! Ari will be admitted next Monday for her surgery. Wish her luck! My poor baby will have to go under general anaesthetic. I am a bit worried about that but still feeling upbeat and positive.

My letter of goodbye to that teeny toe:

Goodbye, special extra tiny toe on the left foot. You were a nice a surprise and we were going to keep you but you have made shoe shopping a mission. We have had to forgo beautiful tiny shoes for practical 2 sizes too big alternatives.

You have made it hard to balance and run at the same time. Getting stuck in places where you shouldn’t be has been a pain. But it hasn’t been all that bad, you are a symbol of how special Ari is. Sad to see you go but go you must so we can look forward to a more stable run, no more hidden promises of a compromised gait, access to a variety of shoes and the very fun notion of her contemplating on whether to wear heels or not can be an option opened to her.





***Has anyone have had an experienced with children and general anesthetics? How was it? What did you do to prepare for the before and after? Any tips?


Till Then


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Walking on toes

I was walking out of the toilet when I heard “Mummy, look! Tip Toe!”. I turned to Gaby and saw him doing this!

Video of Gaby “Tip Toe”

First, I find it amazing that he can do that! I almost broke my toes trying to emulate him. Secondly, is this safe for him to do? Lastly, where is the best place to go learn ballet in Auckland?


Till Then

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Kindness must be practiced everyday

So, I made it a point this year to make sure I posted at least three times a week on this personal blog of mine. It hasn’t even been 3 months into this gig and  I have already failed. The reasons are myriad some totally legit like Gaby falling ill, not eating and suffering from frequent bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting. Miki deciding that sleep was not for her while her two front teeth make an appearance. Ari was the only one who was fit and healthy except for one night where she had a really high fever and I was worried she was getting what Gaby was getting but it turned out to be a one off thing. Also lets factor in my laziness for not updating 😛

But enough about my excuses!

I read in the papers today about this poor woman who was heavily pregnant and crossing the road Auckland woman helps diabetic stranger after she collapsed on the road. She collapsed on the road, in the rain and passerby and motorists alike heckled her instead of helping her off the road with her child.

Luckily a kind Samaritan went to help her up and get her to safety as she composed herself.  Most people thought she was drunk and abused her for it but that does not condone their actions. I am just incensed at the treatment that this woman had to endure. We are living in a first world country, we should know better. Even if she was drunk, high as a kite, off her chair or whatever term people use these days, the woman obviously needed help and she had a child with her! Even the MORE reason to stop honking, get out of the car and help the poor lady. To those who walked by her and to those who honked at her SHAME ON YOU!

In the last ten years Auckland has grown exponentially with a rise in migration, tourism and the housing sector to name a few. I am afraid that as we get bigger and richer in Auckland we also lose bits and pieces of our humanity. What a terrible trade off. We need to practice more kindness especially in this age of technology.




Till Then


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Woo hoo! Breakthrough in the Potty Training!

Gaby woke up with a spring to his step and a twinkle in his eye. We had a cuddle and him shouting at the top of his lungs “DADDY WAKE UP! DADDY WAKE UP! SUN OUT! SUN IZ OUT!” and MOH groaning back a reply. Miki was all game to play with him so I got up to get ready for work while they entertained each other.

It is so good to wake up to smiles and gentle giggles instead of a mini tantrum the moment they wake up. Sometimes, Gaby wakes up in a bad mood, he would jump on his still sleeping sister who wakes up in a fright and starts crying and screaming “ARI TIRED, ARI TIRED!” and baby is crying for attention asking me to pick her up while I am trying to pee and brush my teeth at the same time. It is, as you can imagine, utter chaos and just sets a really unpleasant tone for the day.

Anyhoo, me, Miki and Gaby woke up in a pleasant way that we don’t often do, with us all stretching with the sunlight on us creating a soft glow (like they do in the adverts) and I knew, I just knew something good was going to happen today.

Gaby asked if he could go down to the living room and I said “Yes” and he went down while I went to the bathroom with baby in tow. I then hear a squeal and a muffled “Mummy!” through the door.  I open the door and he keeps saying “uh oh, pee, mummy, pee”  I was in a good mood so brushed it aside and told him to not worry and took a cloth to soak up the  pee.

Then I turn my attention to him to change his pets because he obviously leaked through his pants but nope everything was dry and it dawned on me like a wonderful surprise that he had put his pants down along with his diaper before he peed. Never mind that it was on my carpet but he still took the time to put it down and when he was done he pulled it back up.

I closed my eyes and did a mini fist pump. A breakthrough in the potty training, THANK YOU GOD!

I was so happy I just dropped his pants and we did a mini chicken dance right there with Miki looking at us gurgling and clapping her hands.

Today, is a good day.



Till Then

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Autumn in 2016

I had a walk yesterday after work. I think this is the warmest autumn I have ever experienced since I came to Auckland 13 years ago. Red, yellow and brown leaves were adorning parts of the park creating a lovely setting. I couldn’t help walking through the fallen leaves which had created a thick autumn blanket on the damp ground.





Till Then


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Murphy is out of surgery

MOH received the call last night that Murphy was out of surgery and for now is doing well. There was a whole lot of junk in there, bits of cloth, plastic, rubber and who knows what else. It was infesting in there for some time and parts of his gut had become infected. I can only imagine how he must have suffered and how long he had been suffering. I suspect it was when his appetite was cut down in half (4-5 months ago)  and we had attributed it to his short gut. Next time, when our dogs appetite changes we won’t be assuming and send them straight to the vet to get a scan.

We had sent him to the vet several times and we always came away with a jab or two and a check of his temperature, weight and abdomen. The vet and I could never feel anything. So a scan is a must next time especially if their appetite doesn’t come back in a couple of weeks’ time.


Poor Murphy.


He is still at the vets and stayed overnight, on the drip to replace all the precious fluids he has lost. I am hesitant to type this out just in case it doesn’t become a reality but he is on the mend and we just have to fatten him again once he gets home. I don’t even want to think about how much his surgery and after care will cost us. Nope, we did not get pet insurance, if you are reading this now and have a pet GO.GET.PET.INSURANCE. You will definitely need it.

Kaia (our other dog) has to go on a diet, I am afraid she gained A LOT of weight while we were trying to get Murphy to gain weight. She is like a walking tub now…It’s one or the other for us. LOL

Thank you to all for your kind wishes, I think we are out of the danger zone and we just have to help him gain weight and store all our stuff more securely to avoid this from happening again.


Till Then.


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