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Wait for me!

We went to Grey Lynn Park this afternoon for the kids and they had a great time. The highlight for me was at the end when we were walking back to the car the kids decided to hold hands.



They were singing wonderful nonsensical things while walking up the hill and you could hear Liam say “Wait for me!” all three stopped and waited for Liam to reach Gaby’s side, grabbed his hand and off they went again up the hill. Singing nonsensical things like “Na na Na BANANA!”


Now we have all four!

I often wonder when I catch them playing, learning and fighting with each other. How long will they stay friends and what will the future bring? I do hope that they will be there to support each other and lend a positive presence in each others lives in the years to come.

Till then



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Still figuring out this thing called parenthood

On my Facebook I had put up a status admitting that I was struggling handling the twins precociousness. I was overwhelmed by the response of my friends who are mothers themselves.  Some were thanking me for sharing my struggles as they thought they were the only ones losing the plot. Others were very encouraging and positive.

Ever since the twins turned two, things have been quite challenging.  I have a very good support system here in Auckland.  My in-laws have been super helpful with the twins and baby.  Giving me time to sleep in if I had a rough night with all three, helping me out when I have an assessment to hand in, making sure the kids are fed and entertaining them every.single.day. On top of that the house is clean and we don’t have to worry about our meals anymore. Thank you Ah Kong and Ah Ma! We love you! I can’t ask for anything more.  But I still struggle with the kids and it’s just about me. I feel inadequate to deal with their outbursts. I feel ill equipped to deal with their head strong personalities. How do I nurture that strong will without breaking mine and avoid turning them into selfish, self absorbing human beings whose only thought are of themselves and their pleasures?

I have read all the books and online articles and although I have an inkling it all goes out the window when my child is screaming at the DVD rental store because he doesn’t want to leave and play with the train set the shop has laid out for their patron with kids.

This got me thinking and wondering in awe how parents in a single parent household do it? How do stay at home mums or dads do it without any help? How do families with both parents working full time do it? Truly, how does one grow and nurture their young ones without a village?

I have been told this and I hope that you who is reading this do this too. Take the time to thank yourself and body for functioning. Thank yourself for giving it your all, acknowledge all that you do and feel blessed that you can do it. Take time to just be, be in the moment and be by yourself. Re-energize and fill up that jar that is you who has been emptied almost to nothing for other people and other things. Stop, breathe and just be.

Till then

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